The Hullavington Full Marathon

The Hullavington Full Marathon is a road race of 26.2 miles over a gently undulating and picturesque course, starting and finishing in the village of Hullavington. The Race Headquarters are at Hullavington Village Hall and all runners will receive a free cake along with their finishers medal after they cross the line at the Hullavington Arms.

The Hullavington Full Marathon due to be run on Sunday 25th September 2022, starting at 09:30 has been cancelled due to planned roadworks on the course. The Hullavington 10K on the same date will be progressing.

The Hullavington Full Marathon can also be run as a Team Relay of four runners with legs ranging from 6.4 - 6.8 miles in length. There will also be a supporting 10-kilometer run.

A map of the certified accurate Full Marathon course (21/166)  can be found here.

Toilets will be available at Race HQ; Drinks stations will be located (approximately) at 3.25-miles, 6.5-miles, 10-miles, 13-miles, 16.5-miles, 19.75-miles, 23-miles, 25-miles and at the Finish.

Maps for the respective Marathon Team Relay Legs can be found below:
Leg-1; Leg-2; Leg-3; Leg-4

Prizes in the Hullavington Full Marathon are awarded to the following:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Man
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Women
  • 1st MV40 & 1st FV40
  • 1st MV50 & 1st FV50
  • 1st MV60 & 1st FV60
  • 1st Relay Team

All Finishers will receive a commemorative medal and CAKE.

The Race Headquarters will be at Hullavington Village Hall in Hill Hayes Lane. For a venue map, please click here.

For a venue map, please click here.

The Course Preview:

  • Start outside the Hullavington Arms
  • Head down The Street toward Grittleton
  • Run through the hamlet of Clapcote
  • Run through the village of Grittleton
  • Turn LEFT at Grittleton House
  • Pass the entrance to Grittleton House
  • The first Drinks Station comes just after 3-miles
  • Cross the M4 motorway
  • Head towards Yatton Keynell
  • Turn LEFT on the outskirts of Yatton Keynell
  • Head along the Cromhall Lane
  • It is a little bit undulating, let us call it 'playful'
  • Approaching the second Drink Station at around 6.75-miles
  • The 1st Handover point for those running the Marathon as a Relay Team
  • Turn LEFT in the village of Kington St Michael
  • Cross back over the M4 Motorway
  • Cross back over the M4 Motorway
  • Turn RIGHT
  • Follow the road around to the LEFT
  • A RIGHT turn to head back to Hullavington
  • Nine miles down Seventeen and a bit to go
  • Back through Hullavington
  • Ten miles and another Drink Station but no alcoholic beverages
  • Run right through Hullavington and turn LEFT at the eastern end
  • Into Norton
  • Stay Left, heading off towards Sherston
  • Nearly at Halfway
  • 10K runners will turn LEFT here and head down the Fosseway, Marathon runners can keep going straight on
  • The second handover point for Marathon Relay Team runners
  • Take the LEFT fork away from Sherston
  • Take a LEFT towards Alderton
  • LEFT again towards Alderton
  • Nice view of Alderton church along this road
  • A Drinks Station at around 17-miles
  • Turn RIGHT into Alderton
  • Pass the duck pond
  • Take a LEFT towards Littleton Drew
  • Under the blue bridge
  • Turn LEFT into Littleton Drew
  • Through the village of Littleton Drew
  • The Third Handover point for Marathon Relay Team runners
  • Back into Grittleton
  • Turn LEFT onto the Fosseway
  • Head up the Fosseway
  • Another Drink Station, this one is at around 23-miles
  • Turn RIGHT off of the Fosseway and head back to Hullavington
  • The final Drinks Station and only a couple of miles to go
  • Turn RIGHT into Hullavington and you are well inside the final mile
  • The finish is opposite the Hullavington Arms