Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions are being taken to mitigate the risk of COVID19 at your events?
We are implementing the following practical changes to the operation of our events in line with current Government advice:

    • The start line will be distanced from the rest of the race venue and runners will be set off in waves of not more than 6, with a one-minute gap between waves, similar to a cycle time trial.
    • Runners will be advised in advance of race day of their allocated wave and start time
    • Runners will be invited to wait in a marked “Holding Area” before their allocated race start time.
    • Runners will be called to move to the “Start Area” not more than 5-minutes prior to their allocated start time.
    • Runner temperatures will be taken on entry to the “Start Area” by Non-Contact Infra-Red thermometer, any runner failing the temperature test (>37.8C) will be asked to vacate the site (a race deferral or refund will be offerred).
    • Race numbers and timing chips will be posted out in advance of the event negating the need for a registration desk on-the-day.
    • All race officials will wear PPE appropriate to their roles.
    • There will be no baggage storage.
    • On finishing runners collect their medals/goodies in an “open” area and will be encouraged to vacate the site immediately – in the opposite direction to the flow of other incoming runners
    • Any prizes will be posted out to recipients after the event, so no athletes are hanging around for an awards ceremony.

I am no longer able to take part in an event, can I have a refund?
No – your entry fee has already been invested in the event, however you can transfer your entry to another participant.

I missed the entry deadline for this race, can I go on a Waiting List?
No – Stampede Sports do not operate a Waiting List for any of its events, however we do allow transfer of places where a participant is no longer able to take part in the event.

Can I transfer my place to another participant?
Yes – as long as it is before the transfer deadline date which is typically 5-days before the event.

How do I transfer my place to another participant?
If you have signed up using an EntryCentral named account, then you can reassign your own entry to another participant (subject to approval by the Event Director) through your EntryCentral account; Stampede Sports are unable to intervene where EntryCentral named accounts are used and you should refer to the EntryCentral User Support page for assistance.

If you have signed up using an EntryCentral Guest account on EntryCentral then send an eMail from the address that you registered with and for your replacement please advise: Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Club and eMail address to stampedesports@yahoo.co.uk

It will be your responsibility to forward on any required event materials eg Race Number.

I have not received my race number/chip, what should I do?
If your race number has been posted out to you and has not been received within 48-hours of the race day, then please contact Stampede Sports who can organise a replacement number for collection on the day, which will require you to produce a copy of your registration eMail from EntryCentral. However, if you have received your place through a transfer then this will be chargeable @£5.00

Can I run wearing a personal audio device (MP3/iPod)?
No – our events take place on roads open to traffic and so it is important that you are aware of your surroundings and able to hear verbal instructions from course marshals. Any participant spotted wearing a personal audio device during an event will be disqualified.

Can I run with a baby-buggy ?

Can I run with my dog?

I am a visually impaired runner, can I run with a Guide?
Yes, please contact the Event Director and advise the name of the Guide, who must be clearly marked as such.

Will my finish time appear on Power of Ten?
If the event is held under a license issued by UK:Athletics then yes, however most of our running events use permits issued by the Association of UK Running Clubs which utilise the Tops in Sport ranking system.

How do I know that the course is accurate?
All of our road running events are certified as accurate and can be looked up on the website of the Association of UK Course Measurers.

I am listed in the results behind a finisher with a slower time, how can this be?
This is possible in our running events where Chip-Timing is utilised, as for the purposes of award allocation results are produced based on the Gun-Chip time which can differ from the Chip-Chip time. In our cycling events results are produced in surname order.

How do you calculate the scores for Team Prizes?
Team prizes where offered are calculated on the lowest sum total of finishing positions within a gender of participants belonging to the same club as declared on their registration form. No club amendments will be accepted after the race has started, though we will endeavour to spot incorrectly spelled club names.

I finished in the Top-3 but I was also the first Vet40, which award will I receive?
You would receive the award related to the Top-3 position and the Vet40 award would go to the first Vet40 finisher outside of the Top-3.

Where do I wear my race number?
Your race number must be pinned to your front where it can be clearly seen by race officials ie not under any clothing, and also where appropriate detected by chip timing systems.

Do I need to wear a helmet?
Yes – all of our cycle events require the wearing of a helmet which conforms to BSI 1078.

What happens if I have a technical malfunction on the bike?
All participants are expected to be self-sufficient in remedying minor technical issues whilst cycling eg puncture repairs, however in the event of a major malfunction eg snapped frame or chain, if you are unable to proceed to the nearest event hub then contact the Event Director who will assist in getting you and your bike back to the Start/Finish.

Any more questions?
If you can think of anything then please drop a line to stampedesports@yahoo.co.uk